For goodness sake.

We aren't perfect. We don't pretend to be. But we try and make good choices with no hidden agendas. Just good.
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Our mission.

Simply, do just good.

No point overcomplicating things. We just want to do more good and less harm, having a little fun along the way.

Our commitment.

B Corp isn't about having everything sussed out. It's about not giving up. Not standing still. Pushing for a better way of doing business.

Our certification keeps us accountable to the choices we make, keeping us honest on our journey of balancing people, the planet, and profit.
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No frills. No egos.

We don't do red carpets. Fancy job titles don't impress us, and we believe agendas shouldn't be hidden. 

We think it's much more important to treat people how they should be treated - Fairly, and with absolute respect. We believe everyone has value to offer.

We're honest.

We tell it straight. Sometimes with less of a filter than we should, and that's not everyone's cup of tea. 

You'll either love us or hate us. But we hope you can respect our transparency and knowing where you stand.
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You can't sit with us.

We're both in business to make money. Whether for profit, or not. What isn't OK is to do that at the detriment of people or the planet. 

It's important to us to work with businesses that share our ethos, and values. That doesn't mean we expect you to be a B Corp. But caring about the impact you have matters.

Reputation is good.

Integrity is better. We believe it's important to do the right thing, even if no one's looking. 

That's why you're in safe hands working with us. Because we want to make products to be proud of, for brands that care.
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Want to work with us? Good.

We think that sometimes it's handy to find out a bit about a company before you look to get involved. Here are some of the things we think it would be good for you to know about us.

We are a small team. But a team we are. We respect our differences, and embrace our quirks. We rally together. We adapt to what's needed and we all pull in the same direction. We share wins and (importantly), losses. We appreciate effort, not perfection. 

Working with us you'll be treated like a grown up, with the freedom and autonomy to work in a way that is good for you to do the best job you can. We trust you in taking the initiative, getting stuck in, and getting on and offering you the opportunity to carve a role for yourself with an abundance of support, but no spoon feeding.

If that isn't your bag, we probably aren't for you. if it is, we'd love to hear from you.

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