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What we do.

Promo Merch

Products | Branding | Artworking | Range development


Packing | Domestic shipping | International shipping | Stockholding | Webshop & e-fulfilment solutions


Product life cycle | Material selection | Supply chains | Internal and external comms support
Promotional merch is 2.5 times more effective for brands than TV advertising in leaving a positive impression with consumers.
(Advertising Specialty Institute)

Why choose us?


You're unique. We'll help you act like it.

Why settle for the same rinse and repeat promotional products as everyone else? 

Forget endless catalogues. Get creative ideas for branded promotional merchandise tailored to your goals, sustainability objectives, and what your customers want to use.

A safe pair of hands.

Being B Corp certified is our brownie promise for balancing people, the planet, and profit.

Not to show off (we totally are!), but we are proudly one of the highest scoring merch companies within the B Corp community.
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Proud members.

Our accreditation means we meet the highest standards of service excellence and ongoing professional development for branded promotional merchandise.

As well as complying with a strict code of conduct that aims to maintain quality standards, accurate advertising, fair trade terms and mediation.

The cherry on top.

We are SEDEX registered. Our supply chains are independently audited to meet the highest ethical standards.

How we work

When it comes to working with us, our flexibility rivals that of an acrobat. We fit in, wherever you need us to. But, that's not particularly helpful for you to understand what that means practically.

That's why we thought it might be good to share our typical approach.

1. Discovery

We want to know everything about you. Well, not everything. That's intense. Just your business objectives, KPIs and what you want and need.

2. Proposal

Not the down-on-one-knee variety, but we will come up with a range of product ideas that tick your boxes.

3. Production

This is the part where we create artwork, proofs for sign-off, brand, and complete quality assurance. 

4. Delivery

We get the product where it needs to be.

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